Laptop/Desktop Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

You will need a laptop/desktop computer or a tablet. Smartphones will work but will not provide the best experience so we strongly discourage using them. A digital pen could also be helpful to write and draw on the virtual whiteboard.

Webcam & Headset with Microphone

As you will be participating in live video and audio chat you will need a working camera and microphone on your device. We recommend using a headset with microphone for more privacy and better audio quality for both you and other participants. A simple mobile phone headset with microphone will work fine.


For the Kalvie virtual classroom to run with all features (video, audio, text, and virtual whiteboard) you will need an internet connection of at least 1Mb/s but the higher the better. If you are using less features, for instance no video chat, the classroom will work with less than 1Mb/s. You can always check your internet speed here. Keep in mind there are factors that may cause you to receive slower internet than you expect to have which is why it is good to test your connection in case there is a problem.

Web Browser

Our virtual classroom works with all major web browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge. However, we find Chrome and Firefox work best with our virtual classroom and offer the highest video and audio quality so we recommend these two which you can download here; Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers will work but may not offer the best quality or may not allow some features of the classroom to work (such as desktop sharing).

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