Booking a session is easy and just takes four simple steps. To begin, log into your student account and make your way to the Book a Session page by clicking the 'Book a Session' link in the left hand menu.

1. Session -  Complete all the required information and select the tutor you prefer. You can hover over a tutor's name to see his/her profile or also visit the 'Tutors' page to see a full list of tutors.

2. Time - Select one or multiple timeslots. If you know you want a session the same day every week then it's better to reserve the slots as soon as possible. You can select multiple timeslots to book mulitple sessions at the same time. You will not be able to select a timeslot if you do not have sufficient hours in your account. If your tutor has no available timeslots you can message him/her to see if they he/she could add additional slots.

3. Details -  Include a note and/or attachment for your tutor to let him/her know what you would like to focus on during each session. You can let your tutor know what you want to focus on during the session and even attach your homework and a project you would like to work on together.

4. Confirm -  Review your booking to make sure there are no mistakes and click 'Confirm' once you are ready.

Please note bookings are automatically confirmed if made with more than 24 hours notice before the start of the requested session. If less than 24 hours, then the booking will be pending confirmation until your tutors confirms his/her availability. Always check the status of your sessions on your Dashboard or Tutoring Sessions page.

Visit our Terms of Service page to read our full Booking, Rescheduling, & Cancelling Policy.

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